3-4 May 2019
Hungexpo, HALL "A"


AutoTech Future Expo&Show is Back in Budapest in 2019!

What are the most exciting novelties in the vehicle industry? What drives the automotive sector? Where does the innovation come from we will see in new cars in a few years from now?

The largest and most exciting automotive technology expo of Hungary AutoTech Future returns in 2019 in the form of a thrilling two-day expo and show to provide answers to these questions… and more! In May you can see for yourself what those companies that undertake the lion’s share of automotive innovation consider the most exciting current developments in the industry!

The exhibition and show that attracted more than 11 thousand visitors in 2018 will be organized in the largest Pavilion ‘A’ of the biggest, 19 thousand square meter expo venue of Hungary, Hungexpo, as well as on the neighboring open-air areas.

Due to the immense success, organizers will yet again open the exhibition grounds for the general public: while the first day will be a closed Experts’ Day organized only for the invited professional audience, on the second day the expo will be open for anyone holding valid visitors’ paths.

ATF 2019: even more innovation!

The organizer Bárdi Autó will place even more emphasis on innovation and new technologies: those exhibitors who offer to bring along their newest, most exciting innovations to the largest expo center in Hungary will be rewarded with separate promotional coverage – their technologies and stands can be on display during the widespread campaign period prior to AutoTech Future.

The Exhibition

AutoTech Future is a unique event in Central Europe:

• the best technologies are admired by thousands and thousands of the best experts of Hungary and the world as well as by technology-savvy visitors,

• visitors can find out all there is to know about the automotive parts industry,

• the most recent developments, innovations, research results are on display just as well as the very best services and equipment.

• the exclusive selection of exhibitors is accompanied by stunning shows and thematic exhibitions – impressing not only the expert visitors but their families as well.

Every significant domestic and international vehicle parts manufacturer and developer can be found at the expo area with their stands, where they await visitors with their selection of products as well as games, presentations and special promotions.

The exhibition is ever more colorful as, apart from the exhibitors’ stands, specialized and unique exhibitions are also on the menu: visitors can indulge in the world of various vehicles such as drag racing, old timers, the most peculiar Communist-era vehicles, as well as unique and custom-built cars.

The Exhibitors

The organizers expect the exhibitors come from a wide range of specialized fields:

• Car parts;

• Truck parts;

• Motorcycle Parts;

• Tools;

• Garage equipment;

• Auto diagnostic tools and software;

• Car accessories;

• Car Care;

• Tuning;

• Tires;

• Lubricants;

• Recycling and Environmental protection;

• Education and Training;

• Professional organizations;

• Clubs;

• Car- and Motorsports;

• Leasing.

The Show

Organizers will surpass the already breathtaking program of the previous year in 2019. Their goal is to provide even more spectacular entertainment modules, acrobatic shows and challenging competitions running parallel in both venues. The events of the internal and external venues will be hosted by renowned television personalities.

Apart from the on-stage programs, organizers pay much attention to the smallest ones too: the exciting children’s programs provide them with ample opportunities for the entire day. The specialist events created for kids will provide an opportunity for ladies to make use of the services of the Bárdi Autó Pinup Beauty Salon.

The Conference

One of the most exciting venues of the 2018 exhibition was the Conference Hall. Here exhibitors had the chance to introduce their products, innovations and services in the framework of professional lectures, workshops, and presentations.

Based on the experiences of the previous year, Bárdi Autó now organizes an even more colorful conference program on a larger area, with more participants. The goal is to give provide more opportunities for professional visitors to learn from engaging product and service demonstrations.


Useful information for exhibitors

Time and Venue

3 May 2019, Friday – Experts’ Day: an invitation-only, closed professional day for the professionals of the repair and the automotive industries.
opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00

4 May 2019, Saturday – Visitors’ Day: the expo is open for the general public and can be visited by anyone holding a valid visitor path. You may find more information on the ticket types, purchasing opportunities under Tickets.
opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00


HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center
H-1101 Budapest, 10 Albertirsai út
Hall ‘A’

Approaching the venue:

 On foot: from the Metro Station 'Pillnagó utca' of Metro Line 2 
 By bus: by Bus no. 10 from 'Örs Vezér Tere' Metro Station of Metro Line 2 that takes a round trip around Hungexpo and stops at each gate. 
 By tram: take Tram no. 37 from 'Népszínház utca' (just off 'Blaha Lujza tér') and depart at 'Pongrác út' stop. 
 By car: from downtown  approach venue via 'Kerepesiút' or 'Fehér út'
 By train: depart train at 'Kőbánya-Felső' station

Parking – Exhibitors’ parking lot:

Exhibitors are provided with two parking spaces in the Exhibitors' parking lot free of charge - license plates should be previously submitted to the organizer. Visitors and further exhibitors’ vehicles can park in P5 parking lot up to the capacity of parking lot. Please do not park in disabled areas unless eligible. From the parking lots the exhibition area is easily accessible.

Pay simply with your HelloPay card at AutoTech Future:

AutoTech Future is a cash-free event: you can pay with Master or Maestro cards at restaurant and at other locations, or you may use your HelloPay card. You may obtain a HelloPay card at AutoTech Future at three locations on the area of Hungexpo simply and fast for HUF 500.
You may upload the balance of your card using cash (in this case there is no charge) or by your bank card (in this case there is a 2% charge). If you decide to return your HelloPay card at the end of the event your initial fee os HUF 500 will be paid back to you. It is however worth keeping your HelloPay card for the future too as you may receive further discounts, and you can easily track your spending as well.

ATMs on-site:

• OTP Bank ATM: In front of  Entrance 15 of Hall ’G’ under the Passage
• Euronet ATM: In front of Entrance 20 of Hall ’A’ under the Passage