25-26 April 2020
Expo & show | Budapest

The Event

What drives the automotive industry? What are the most recent advances in innovation? What are the most promising research results?
What products will we see built into our new cars in a few years to come?

Find the answers to these questions and more at the largest Hungarian automotive technology expo to date:
AutoTech Future is waiting for you at the largest expo center of Hungary, Hungexpo, in the largest,
19 thousand square meter Pavilion ‘A’ and the surrounding open-air venue.
Look into the future at this truly comprehensive expo and spectacular show!

The first day of the event, Saturday, the 25th of April 2020 will be an invitation-only closed Experts’ Day for the professionals of the vehicle repair
and automotive industries, while the second day, Sunday the 26th of April 2020 will be open for the general public and anyone holding a valid visitors’ ticket may enter.

Inside the world of vehicles – discover, learn and relax with AutoTech Future in April 2020.

Expo and workshops
Expo and
Latest automotive parts
Latest automotive
Unbelievable expo sales
expo sales
Hilarious concerts
Extreme auto and motor sport shows
Extreme auto and
motor sport shows
Children’s program

Latest news

Save the Date: AutoTech Future 2020
ATF 2020 is the 3rd annual installment of what has become Hungary’s largest and most exciting automotive technology and garage industry exhibition
Bárdi Autó’s AutoTech Future 2019 has surpassed all expectations!
Two fantastic days, 117 exhibitors from 13 countries, 14 217 visitors, prizes worth 10 million of HUF, uncountable amount of experience: it was AutoTech Future 2019.
Robot Sumo competition is coming to ATF: Play with us!
We are waiting for you and your friends with a very special game: Robot Sumo on AutoTech Future!

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Jegy Tickets for visitors will be available for purchase: from January 2020
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